Combining the bespoke mixologist mastery of Biig with the industrial aesthetic of Public Works, Oddjob is a cocktail-oriented bar focusing on thoughtfully crafted libations that pay homage to classic methods and style, the perfect spot for both a classy date and for blowing off steam with friends after work.

1337 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Entrance on Washburn

Monday - Thursday: 5pm - Midnight
Friday: 5pm - 2am
Saturday: 7pm - 2am
Sunday: By appointment only


Email: contact@1337mission.com
Phone: (904) 878-1337

The Venue

If you turn to the right upon your entry, you'll find the main bar. 

Odd Job and SRO are available for private events. Catering is also available.

Please email contact@1337mission.com or call (904) 878-1337 for hourly rates and buy out information. 

With financial suggestions and questions, contact "24Biz" in San Francisco.

Drink Gallery

Cocktail Menu


Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Our list of bottled beers, wine, and spirits are always changing.

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Sro is not just a bar it's an experience. Tell the bartender what you like, don't like, sing a song, tell a story, show a picture, etc. Each drink is hand crafted one at a time for each guest. The room can accommodate up to 16 people, and hours can vary. 


The San Francisco craft cocktail scene is definitely cutting edge. From classics to modern wonders, the city knows exactly what it’s doing. Recently I had a chance to talk about some of the up and coming changes and differences in the scene with Oddjob’s bar manager and cocktail trendsetter , Joey Picchi. A little background on Joey; he’s the master monk of craft cocktails with a sixth sense of reading your inner booze aura and making you a drink so damn tasty, you’ll want to give it a Michelin Star. Joey doesn’t just set your standard, overdone mixers and liqueurs. He’s the Italian grandmother that want’s you to taste everything and try everything.  For example: Chinese Licorice Bourbon, Custard Apple, Bee Pollen, Mushroom Rye, Watermelon Radish Old Tom Gin, or Lavender smoked Kumquats. It’s a bar with manners and etiquette, but a place and staff you want to show the upmost respect to. Elbows off the bar, no chewing gum, take your hat (or beanie) off inside, and just enjoy the show, enjoy the drinks, and enjoy the company.   -Drink Me Magazine


It’s a magnificent bar so tiny that its letters stand for Standing Room Only, it’s basically the owners’ reincarnation of Big—and it’s now hidden inside Oddjob. Yeah, it’s so small in here, there was apparently no room for menus. It’s the kind of place where you look the bartender in the eye and tell him what kind of thing you’re in the mood for. Tell him you want whiskey-based. Tell him you renounced tequila after the Great Margarita Incident of 2007. Tell him whatever you think you need to tell him.

He’ll ponder your words, your essence and maybe your hair (we don’t know), then pour you out some surprise happy. If it doesn’t suit you, he’ll try again. But first you have to find the joint. To do that, you could either A) go to Oddjob and start pulling on a bookcase in the back, or B) just go around the side of the building and enter from Washburn Alley. Depends on if your night requires bookcase mystique or non-bookcase mystique. Tough call sometimes.      -Urban Daddy